The Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation Institute is a non-profit organization and all pledges made to our organization are considered tax deductible donations by the IRS.  We use our status as a charity to keep prices below the standard co-pay for Physical Therapy.  Also, Medicare and insurance companies only cover 60 Physical Therapy sessions a year. Considering the out of pocket rates of Physical Therapy ($200+) and personal trainers ($60-$100) who are not experts in Parkinson’s Rehabilitation, this is an offer that all patients should take advantage of!

Patients are required to perform three 90-minute rehabilitation sessions per week (exceptions will be made for individuals who are still working). The content of these sessions varies depending on the exact needs of each individual. In addition to receiving the highest standard of individualized rehabilitation regardless of income, all new members will have the opportunity to participate in our cost-benefit research study (see Research). All new patients will perform motor function and quality of life assessments. This data will help to track the success of the institute.

Not only is our staff highly trained in administering rehabilitation for people living with Parkinson’s, but we are also trained to perform the exercises that you will do. Each staff member is required to demonstrate the ability to perform all of the exercises in our program.  Unlike much of the medical community, we don’t believe in the phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Call Dr. Terpstra at (630)418-8377 to set up your free assessment!!


Dr. Terpstra performing a balance training drill.

Dr. Terpstra preforming a balance training drill.