Functional Strength Training

Although weight lifting machines can be useful for increasing muscle strength, this type of training has limited applications when it comes to sports or daily life. This has led to the development of functional strength training exercises and equipment.  Functional training can involve lifting weights on an exercise ball instead of a bench, performing two exercises simultaneously, or using specifically designed functional training equipment. This method of strength training is particularly applicable to Parkinson’s Disease. While performing daily activities, people living with Parkinson’s Disease often have to lift objects without the support of a chair or other furniture, move a heavy object through multiple planes of motion and perform simultaneous tasks with two different weighted objects or tools.

Functional Weightlifting Training Strength Parkinson's Cincinnati

Simply performing any exercise on a ball instead of a bench allows patients to develop strength that is applicable to tasks performed in daily life.

Functional Strength Training Weightlifting Parkinson's Disease

The Free Motion Cable Cross Over allows Parkinson’s patients to move through several planes of motion at once and perform two or more exercises simultaneously.

Functional Weightlifting Training Strength Parkinson's Cincinnati