Is it necessary for me to seek proper rehabilitation if I have just been diagnosed?
YES! In fact, this may be the best time to begin your rehabilitation. Currently there is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease, therefore proper rehabilitation has to be a life long endeavor. Starting when your symptoms are still mild gives you the best chance to prevent symptoms from ever becoming debilitating. Think of it as PREhab rather than rehab!


Am I too disabled to participate in a rehabilitation program?
NO! Dr. Terpstra’s research shows that highly debilitated people living with Parkinson’s still maintain the ability to drastically improve with the proper rehabilitation program. Even if you are using a walker, you can still participate.


What if I have a chronic injury such as a bad back or knee?
Even with chronic orthopedic conditions you can still safely perform rehabilitation for Parkinson’s.  The Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation Institute has facilitates similar to the athletic training room of professional sports team.  We can improve both your Parkinson’s and Orthopedic issues simultaneously. Furthermore, Dr. Terpstra has professional relationships with the best Physical Therapists in the region who can assist in the treatment of any chronic injuries.