Brian T. Terpstra, Ph.D., Executive Director


Dr. Terpstra completed his Ph.D. in Neurology at The University of Cincinnati in May of 2010. Prior to this training, Dr. Terpstra received a Masters of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from Ball State University, where he studied the effects of exercise in aging populations. Additionally, he has experience working with athletes and special needs individuals as an Exercise Physiologist. From October 2010 through June 2013, Dr. Terpstra was Director of the University of Cincinnati YMCA Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Initiative.

In the summer of 2001, Dr. Terpstra’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Shortly thereafter, he made the decision to return to graduate school and pursue a Ph.D. in Neurology. Prior to beginning the application process, he took a leave of absence from work and made a full time job of learning everything he could about the disease that had stricken his family. In 2003, he began his Ph.D. training investigating novel disease modifying therapies for PD. During his training, he learned that one of the most promising interventions for PD was exercise therapy. After meeting several patients at various support groups, he began to utilize his background in Exercise Physiology to train patients on a volunteer basis. This experience added a unique aspect to his Ph.D. training. Following the completion of his Ph.D., he combined his background in Neurology and his clinical exercise experience to launch the University of Cincinnati YMCA Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Initiative. Dr. Terpstra’s combination of personal and professional experience with PD makes him uniquely qualified to be the Director of the Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation Institute.

Adam Magee, Supervising Rehabilitation Specialist

imagejpeg_0-2Adam is a former Petty Officer 3rd Class in the United States Navy and a graduate of Exercise Physiology program at Northern Kentucky University.  Having a family member with Parkinson’s Disease, he chose to do his internship at the PDRI.  After graduation, Adam joined our staff and has been an integral part of our team ever since. The discipline and attention to detail Adam learned during his years of service have made him a valuable asset to our institute.  His leadership skills obtained while serving in the Navy lead to Adam taking a leadership position as Supervising Rehabilitation Specialist at the PDRI.  He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Hospital Management.  Adam’s Master’s Thesis project will be working with Medicare to obtain coverage and reimbursement for long-term rehabilitation in chronic neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.



Jalen Bradley, Rehabilitation Specialist